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I’m an alien. I’m a legal alien.

Woah-oh. In case anyone reading this missed Sting’s 1980’s rumination and thinks from reading the title that I’ve gone mad, don’t worry. I haven’t come over all extra terrestrial. Before I do a nice, list-y, news-y post updating you about my week, I wanted to share a thought that had been camped in my mind for the past few days.

During the week, I happily got the opportunity to catch up with a friend and former colleague from my previous job in Dublin. Originally from Hungary, she was keen to hear how I was settling in and we spent a lovely evening at a city centre coffee house/kavehaz; catching up over dinner and eating ridiculous amounts of cake. By the time we were leaving, it was properly dark and I was gazing wistfully out the window at the sparkling, candle-lit Budapest streets.

Danube by night

Then, as we were waiting to pay, my friend said something that made me rethink being a newbie to Hungary. Ever since I had got the job offer and thought about moving, I always felt that not having the language would put me at a disadvantage, however slight. Yes, I can muster up a few basic greetings and any effort has been received well by the locals. (Incidentally I am interested in learning more and if any readers know a good Hungarian language class/group in Budapest, do shout!) English is the working language of our office so it wouldn’t matter there but I had accepted the fact that not having Hungarian tripping off my tongue would stop me settling in 100%. I wouldn’t get the office in-jokes and it would flag me as an outsider. I saw it as a problem. But my friend saw it differently. She talked about the murmured side -conversations you hear as you walk about a city, about how other people’s attitudes can almost influence your own mood. “You don’t have to hear other people’s negativity. I wish I could be like that”.

As we walked out of the coffeehouse towards the tram stop, I did so with a new perspective. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, I felt more relaxed. It is true that the grips and grumbles of others can intrude, irk and annoy just as much as someone physically bumping into you. That wasn’t going to happen to me though. I had no baggage, no danger of my parade getting rained on by anyone else’s dark cloud. Getting on that tram, I was unburdened.


Who’s yer one and why is she blogging?

Budapest 2014

Basically, this blog is primarily motivated by my move to Hungary. The idea of starting a blog had been bubbling away at the back of mind for a while … but I was crippled by the fear of the blank page – what did I have to say that was so important that it deserved its own wee section of the internet? Now the Budapest relocation gives me the perfect excuse to dip my toe in the blogosphere and let everyone at home know what I’m getting up to at the same time!

My pet hates and guilty obsessions may become painfully obvious when emmacassidyblogs gets up and running in earnest, but at the outset here is a brief snapshot of my personal and professional background

I’m a graduate in human rights law with work experience in the non-profit, communications and legal research sectors. I’ve moved from Ireland to take up a job which combines all of these elements– a bit of dream scenario really.

I am a massive rugby fan. Any of my Twitter followers can attest to this and certainly anyone who has sat in my vicinity at a match will remember the experience. My fascination with the game also convinced the team at RTE 2FM’s nightly sports programme Game On to let me co-host the show from my hometown. Aren’t they lovely chaps?

When it comes to music, I’m a slightly old soul disguised as a 20 something. I was born in the 80s but wish I’d been old enough to appreciate Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen , Simon and Garfunkel, Queen the first time around.

I don’t like the term ‘only child’. It sounds hurtful. (Who is it? Oh it’s only Cassidy… hmmph). Much prefer the French version: enfant unique. I suppose I do have a bit of an independent streak, I can be happy in my own company and contented if I have to travel alone so hopefully moving abroad solo will work well with my personality type.

Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to mention food… I’m a gastronomic fiend, no point in hiding it! The prospect of a good dinner can make my day, nay my week. Plus I’m one of those irritating meal Instagramers, guilty as charged! If you don’t like filtered shots of wine glasses, look away now.

And every now and again my political nerd tendencies will slip out – I lived and worked in the politics hub of Washington DC and loved it. Yes, I’m West Wing fanatic, and yes I seriously need to catch up on the whole House of Cards bonanza (another typical Cassidy tendency, always behind on the ‘must watch’ series).

So my blog could cover all or none of these topics depending on my mood. Thank you for calling in.